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Code of Ethics

  1. To provide quality health care services to the most deserving and deprived patients being \ admitted at Shaikh Zayed Hospital Lahore irrespective of any discrimination e.i race, religion, caste, complexion etc.
  2. To follow the criteria of triage when it comes to the severity as well as urgency of the disease
  3. To give respect every human whether it is the patient or council member (colleague)
  4. To maintain an atmosphere of harmony, peace and brotherhood among council members
  5. To strictly follow the hierarchy of PBS council members
  6. To keep politics, personal and interpersonal conflicts/differences out of the society
  7. To encourage and promote the merit policy of PBS like PBS Modified Criteria
  8. To share the equal responsibility and promote team work spirit
  9. To give respect to other's opinion
  10. To comply with the rules and regulations laid down in the best interest of the society and patients
  11. To ensure transparency at each and every step
  12. To encourage each other so that team bonding is enhanced
  13. To avoid any illegal or unethical practice while performing any task
  14. To promote and adherence with the decorum of the society during meetings/events
  15. To urge and exert for the personal efforts/contributions in the best interest of society
  16. To avoid any illegal or unethical practice while performing any task
  17. To give your maximum to defend PBS Motto "LIVING FOR OTHERS" under all conditions and circumstances
  18. To attend PBS meeting regularly and no absence without any prior intimation
  19. To not to interfere in someone's assigned task for the smooth running and the quality assurance
  20. To enhance quality management system by implementing the mechanism of "SERVICE ABOVE SELF"